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Not sure what a separation software can do?

The purpose of color separation sof tware is to make simple work of the lengthy and complicated process of tonal image color separating. When your illustration has too many colors for your press or budget, is highly modeled, or you need to separate a color raster le (Photoshop, PhotoPaint, scans, etc.) then you need the easiest, fastest and most accurate automated tonal image separation sof tware, Spot Process SEPARATION STUDIO.


Here are some examples of what our client’s have separated using Spot Process. Spot color separating of Adobe
Illustrator ® and CorelDraw® les can be managed easily f rom those illustration programs directly.

New! Separation Studio™Spot Process VueRite Software has a new name, new interface with faster image handling, new features and new tools! Spot Process Separation Studio™ is the choice efficient and protable shops around the world use every day to expertly color separate tonal les without compromising creativity. Perfect for shops with 6 color capability or higher.
FilmMaker v4 Rip SoftwareThe easiest to use software for creating inkjet screenprint films just got even easier to use!
Color Separation SoftwareSince 1995, the industry leader in automated, tonal image color separating for screen-printers. Millions of impressions are made every day in the global decorated apparel industry. Thousands of screen-printers are doing it right, delivering on-time and on-budget, and growing their businesses with Spot Process! If you are already one of those profitable shop, you already know what SPVR can do for your productivity upgrade TODAY to Separation Studio.

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